Fountain of Life Benefits and Side Effects

Fountain of Life is a plant lignan from the majestic Norwegian Spruce. Plant lignans need to be converted to mammalian lignans to be effective in the human body.

Fountain of Life drops may be placed under the tongue where it is absorbed sublingually or ingested and absorbed through our digestive system. When it enters the plasma in our blood, it is converted to enterolactone, a powerful human antioxidant.

Enterolactone neutralizes free radicals that can lead to potential cellular damage over time and inflammation that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Not all plants lignans convert as efficiently and completely as Fountain of Life supplement , making this nature’s most powerful antioxidant.

The one question people may ask is why there is so many studies on flaxseed compared to the Norwegian Spruce. Flaxseed has been long acknowledged as a food source, therefore studies have been done and it has been a great source for lignans. Scientists have known for years that trees contain the highest quality and quantity of lignans but they did not have the process to create an extract. This is what makes Fountain of Life so valuable as we have a patented process to acquire these lignans that can be used as a natural health product. Research in Europe by leading universities are underway to uncover the power of this extract as we speak.

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The Power of Ten Drops…

There are 300 drops per bottle and each drop contains the highest quality Norwegian Spruce tree extract, known to be a very high source of plant Lignans. Ten drops contains the same concentration of Lignans as the following:

norwegian spruce extract
tea and tomatoes
cauliflower and oranges
cabbage and strawberries
lettuce and apples
onions and cherries
kiwis and carrots

What is Fountain Of Life Good For?

Internal Benefits


Topical Benefits

boost immune system

Boost Immune System

protect heart health

Protect Heart Health

reduce diabetes

Control Diabetes Complications

female hormones

Balance Hormones

prostate health

Support Prostate Health


Anti-Inflammatory (Arthritis)

brain health

Support Brain Health

protect dna

Protect DNA

Fountain of Life Benefits Everyone

NEW ENERGY! Nose bleed stopped after 4 years. Still can’t believe and challenged FOL. I went to the gym before work but still full of energy. Driving for 5 hours and then no limping at all. Before even if I sat for 15 minutes when I stand up it’s hard for me to walk again…


Within a few days of taking FOL, I slept much better & wake up feeling fresh & energised. My High Blood pressure readings are normal. The dark circles under my eyes are much lighter now. The biggest improvement is that I can read small print, before I needed reading glasses!


FOL is working so well with my 12 year old son with his weight, asthma, sinus and some other issues. He was born with hypertension. He used to get the sinuses so badly, I was using cannabis oil. But I stopped the Cannabis, because he is doing better with FOL.


I started to take FOL in Feb. The difference is I have less pain ( 80% less). I’m a hairdresser (36 years). I have arthritis and arthrose plus I’m taking medication for cholesterol. So for me FOL is working in and out on my body! I’m so glad and proud to share this with all of you!!

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