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So in April 2018 I had found out my liver enzymes were in the 100’s which led me to the Emergency Department, although a few months prior my blood was normal.

July I found out I’m have 2 genetic component that make me a carrier and have potential to developed hemochromatosis (iron overload) and I diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

My friend convinced me to try FOL after a year of begging me to try it. Honestly, I thought it was another scam product as I‘ve tried a lot of products and diets over the years just that failed.

This first time in my life, I was able to actually lose weight easily, which is key into reversing NAFLD. From July- December, I’ve lost 45 lbs… Although my Specialist asked me to lose 30 lb in 1 yr, I did it in a few months.

My liver biopsy, done 2 days after my 33th birthday discovered my liver nowhere close to being cirrhotic. In February, I found my liver enzymes are back in normal range and my iron only elevated by 2%.

Kyrstine W
(Canada - Vancouver)

Fountain of Life is amazing! My son had an allergic reaction (what appeared to be an insect bite) in his private area. Happened overnight and he’s 5 years old. I was freaking out, took him to the doctor – they prescribed Periton and a cream. I used it but was still despondent.
Later that night it got bigger.

Fountain of Life is NOT recommended for children. However, as a parent, it’s my choice to use… because it’s all natural! I applied Fountain of Life to the affected area. My friend Virlin Muhammad reminded me of the FOL and its benefits! The sensitivity decreased for the day. I put more later that evening, the swelling had decreased during the day. The swelling had completely disappeared Friday night!

Today he doesn’t have any sensitivity or swelling. Alhamdulillah.
I truly believed the FOL worked because the cream just made it more plumped and I was freaking out!! I didn’t put cream since Friday morning just the FOL. It was a little bitter for him but he kept saying “fountain of life worked mummy!”


I started using FOL, 12 Oct 2019. Here’s some amazing experience.

I had hemorrhoidectomy 10 years ago, for the last 2 years, i have been experiencing swollen hemorrhoids (size of small tomato) every time i pooh in the morning.. Did tried some synthetic medicines, but not quite satisfied with the results. I even experienced bleeding several times the past couple of months. Just waiting for another surgery in case it progresses.

To my surprise, after using Fountain of Life, just for 2 days orally, i noticed the great reduction in size… i am now on my 13th day and continues to reduce in size. Amazing Product… Amazing experience.. Now i am confident, that surgery will never come.. Guess, in a couple of days, i will try it topically to speed up effect.. that’s the power of FOL as an amazing anti inflammatory agent… Thanks To FOL.


I have been having digestive/tummy problems since late December of 2019. In February 2020, I had to see a gastroenterologist because the issues were really bad. Among the many other tests and medications I took and went through, he also did an elastography scan of my liver on the 12 February and found it to be moderately high,so a fatty liver issue amongst other things as well!

I went back today for a follow-up visit to the doctor and did another elastography scan to check on it again. My doctor was utterly surprised and in his own words …”unbelievable” You have a liver of a young child….and my stomach and other digestive issues are all good as well! He queried me as to what I am taking and as soon as I told him about FOL he went on his computer to look up the medicinal properties of it and went “Oh Wow”!

I am speechless but I always knew that there was something special with our Fountain of Life drops.❤️❤️❤️


I have been taking FOL for just about a month now and have noticed a number of improvements. I am a two time cancer survivor and had 5 months of chemo last spring & started taking Tamoxifen last Sept which brought on intense hot flashes. Things I have noticed

  1. my hot flashes are less frequent and less intense when I do have one
  2. my hair has been growing faster
  3. my energy levels are better
  4. my inflammation (left over from chemo) is reduced by at least 50%
  5. my gums were a mess and lots of bleeding. I stayed on the course of brushing my teeth 2x per day but did not start flossing or using my water pik. After two weeks of taking FOL and rubbing some on my gums, they cleared right up!! No red or bleeding. Pink and perfect. Not even kidding!

I obviously do not know what effect FOL Is having on any cancer cells which may or may not be still floating around in my body, but given the improvements I have seen in 30 days, I remain optimistic ????

(US - New York)

I’ve gone through a lot. I suffer with seizures when it first started i would enter the seizures and not be able to move my entire body, also miss days….weeks at school because the pain from the seizures together with the falls were so bad. It came to a point where my mom was called everyday at her workplace to come pick me up when i went to school because i was having so many seizures and taking so many falls too.

I’ve had seizures since i was ten years old and now I’m twenty- seven years , so it’s been more than seventeen years now.
I was introduced to FOL about i think a year ago or so. My mom bought it and she told me to try it so i did. When i started taking it once a day for the first three days i could feel a change in me. The first night i slept the whole night through unlike before i started it. Each day that passed by that i took it i got better and better.

I couldn’t do many things on my own before but now i could bathe on my own , walk on my own, so many things now. I use to take up to seven different types of medication in the beginning but nothing worked it kept getting me more sick but now i’m on two types of medication along with the FOL so its now stabilized the seizures . Id say for persons who are experiencing the same thing with the FOL as me that if i can make it this far so can you just have faith in yourself that you can do it and also trust the process.

(US - Atlanta)

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